With demand for new housing and blocks shrinking in size, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of dual occupancy homes.


Our stunning dual living house plans in Melbourne create the perfect blend between personal style and architectural needs. We design specifically for the site in question, allowing us to maximise the size and site yield, as well as to address any constraints and maximise value for you.

Also known as multi-dwellings and duplexes, dual occupancy homes in Melbourne are proving to be a great solution for maximising your land’s value. By having two homes on the one block, you’re maximising land usage whilst creating an investment opportunity – whether you choose to live in one or not.

Why a Duplex?

What is the difference between dual occupancy and duplex?

A duplex is two homes that are connected by a common wall and with a common façade facing the street. Dual living homes, on the other hand, is two units that may not necessarily share a common wall (common setups have one unit in the front of the block and the second in the back).

Our dual occupancy builders will work with you to determine which of these setups will best meet the restrictions imposed by your block. Whether you’re an empty nester looking for some extra income or two families wanting to save money by living together, dual occupancy home designs could be for you.


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